The Lemon Bouchard was founded in 1872, making it the oldest and most-visited museum in the entire Midwest. We seek to provide our visitors with a unique and moving experience to all five senses through the use of historical exhibits, lighting effects, and aromatic compounds. We also hold artisan gatherings to spread the culture and history of the the Midwest.

"The Lemon Bouchard sparks new ideas and invigorates the imaginations of children, in a way made possible only by the breadth of their exhibits, and the brilliant historians who curate them.

CEO of Handrix Inc, Jimmy Handrix


Our name comes from the agricultural history of our original location in Springfield, MO. When a group of farmers began cultivating the rich midwestern landscape, they encountered a mysterious orchard of Eureka Lemon Trees on their land. This variety of the lemon tree plant, having arrived in the United States from Sicily in the 1850s, deceived them with its small, bush-like structure. Hence, they called the land a "Lemon Bush Orchard" which was later shortened to "Lemon Bouchard".

After 1945 a new orchard technique grew in popularity in which seeds are planted close together to produce small trees in continuous rows. This was also called a "Bush Orchard" and is now known as the Modern Orchard. Due to increased demand for apple cider leading to widespread adoption of this new technique, the old definition of "Bush Orchard" fell out of usage, with the term "Bouchard" replacing it entirely.


Our Exhibits are on a bi-weekly rotation schedule, so you can be sure you will have a unique experience on every single visit.

FYI! Bring your camera along! After reviewing extensive customer feedback, we have decided to remove our ban on photography, except in the Biome Exploration exhibits. We do, however, ask that you disable the flash, as a courtesy toward our other visitors.

Seasonal Schedule: Holidays

M-F: 9am-11am, noon-3pm, 5pm-9pm
Saturdays: 10am-3pm, 4:30pm-5:45pm, 6pm-midnight
Sundays: 11am-5pm
We will be open on Christmas and New Year's!


Springfield, MO
Dallas, TX
Manitou Springs, CO